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The online registration has been designed so that you can keep it "open" right until May and continue to make changes right up until May of 2017. This takes into account the likelihood that there may well be a change in circumstances between now and the Games which may mean that some of your group may no longer be able to attend or others would like to be added. We just ask that you keep the details as up to date as you can and once you are happy that there will be no further changes, then submit your registration. At that point you will no longer be able to make any further changes.
Yes. We appreciate that there are circumstances when perhaps the parents of an athlete will wish to register themselves and another group separately and the online process is set up to allow for that so that is no problem.
All families who are accredited through the online registration process will be given preference to enter the arena and be seated to watch their relative compete. Please be aware that many of the venues have limited seating and you may not be able to remain in your seats after your relative has finished competing.
You will be issued with an accreditation pass that will act as your ticket for both the sporting and Opening Ceremony events. If you have not yet registered your attendance with us online, please do so immediately to ensure that you are accredited - click here to register.
All registered Family members will be issued with an accreditation pass which will act as your "ticket" to gain entry not only to the Opening Ceremony, but also to the Families seating area in the areas. There is no charge for you to attend the Opening Ceremony or to access sports venues.
A welcome pack will be available for you to collect when you arrive in Sheffield from the main Families hub and this will include the accreditation passes for all of the Family members that you have indicated will be travelling as part of your group to the Games. The accreditation passes will be already attached to lanyards to wear around your neck so that they are easily visible. You will need to wear them at ALL times to get access to the National Summer Games venues. More details about the location and opening times of the Families hub will be made available in due course. However, to assist you with your travel plans, we can confirm that it will be fully open at least 24 hours before the Opening Ceremony.
As with previous Games, the accreditation passes will only be available for collection in Sheffield. However, the opening times for collection at the hub will be very flexible and will continue throughout the week for those Families who cannot attend the Games for the whole week.
It is still very early in the planning process for all competitions and we have yet to receive full entry details of all those athletes who will be competing in each sport. As such the completion schedule will not be available until at least early 2017, although we will be able to confirm the venue details and which days of the week the competition will take place for each sport within the next 3 months.
As the registered Family lead you will receive an online Families Newsletter which over the months will start to build up a picture of the Games and to provide more information and details. In each addition there will be a special feature to focus on areas which we know will be of interest. The first newsletter is due to come out in the next 4 weeks and will include a schedule for when the newsletters will be sent from now right up until the Games. The first newsletter will feature Accommodation as we know that many Family members have indicated that they would like assistance from Marketing Sheffield - our local partners - to help find accommodation.
There will be Families' information desks in each sports venue where Lions volunteers will be available to help you. In addition there will be a main Families Hub located in the city centre. More details to be confirmed.
Only those family members fulfilling a coach or support role as part of the regional delegation will have acess to the athletes accommodation. No person without the required accreditation will be allowed access to the accommodation unless agreed in advance by the Head of Delegation.

We are teaming up with Marketing Sheffield to help Families find suitable accomodation.

Click here for further help and the best deals. If you want to start exploring the City of Sheffield please have a look at http://welcometosheffield.co.uk.

If you need to book more than 20 rooms or if you need advice please contact Jane Tompkins at jane.tompkins@sheffield.gov.uk or telephone 0114 273 4128.

Firstly, we would ask you to visit the National Summer Games website and in particular the Families pages which will be updated on a regular basis. Please also visit the FAQ page as you will probably find that many of the questions that you have are the same for other Families. We will update the FAQ pages as and when we have more information to share with you - so PLEASE be patient, it is still very early days and we will not yet have all your answers just yet but we are working on them!
It would be much appreciated if you contact us via. the contact us box on the right hand side of this page. Alternatively you may email us directly, however please do not phone (we are not set up or resources to take lots of calls at this time) The Sheffield Families email address is: families@sheffield2017.org.uk.

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