Officials' Registration

Registration Process:

Personal Information
The first step of the online registration process is to complete the form below which contains your basic personal information. This may take about 3-5 minutes to complete.

Email Confirmation
Following this form you will receive an email to verify your email address. You must click the link contained in the email in order to continue the registration process. This will help us ensure that we can contact you in regards to your application leading up to the Games. The email should come through within 5 minutes.

Detailed Information
Once you have verified your email address you will be able to continue the registration process. This will include uploading an accreditation photo, character references and acceptance of the Volunteer code of conduct. This may take 35-45 minutes to complete, however you may save your answers and return to complete the application as many times you wish.

1. Personal Information Form:

Required Fields
Please note all fields marked with an asterix (*) must be completed in order to progress your application.

You must fill in all the required fields to register!

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* Do you consider yourself to have a disability?


* If yes, please tick any of the below that apply in order for us to plan to meet their specific needs:

    Restricted Mobility
    Wheelchair User
    Blue Badge Holder
    Intellectual Disability
    Hearing Impairment
    Visual Impairment
    Guide Dog User

Please provide any additional information regarding your disability that you would be happy to share with us if not already specified above:

2. Email Address:

Please ensure you include a valid email address.

As mentioned, once this form is submitted you will need to verify this address. The email address will then be your user login for this site in the lead up to the Games.

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3. Account Password:

Please ensure you create a memorable password that meets the following conditions:

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The password you create will allow you to log in to this site and finish the registration process.

In addition, once you have submitted your application, you may log in to check for updates on your application as it progresses through our system.

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4. Begin Registration Process:

Once you are happy with the information above, click the Register Now button to get your email address verified and your account set up.